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Quicklime can be used as a component of continuous casting lubricants, and slaked lime as a lubricant carrier in wire drawing. Continuous casting can also be used for materials based on different types of metals, such as aluminium. Aluminium based metals possess numerous desirable qualities and are used for a number of different products such as food and drink cans, to the construction of large international aeroplanes.

HProducts derived from lime, such Precipitated Calcium Carbonate are found in a number of pharmaceuticals, including dietary supplements, antacids and other well-known medicines.

Quicklime reacts with any free water present to form hydrated lime. This removes water from the system and can be useful when dealing with products that are heated during the manufacturing process, such as plastic. When making plastic, if any potential water is not removed then steam bubbles may occur in the finished product, which can affect its strength and appearance. Quicklime is therefore often used in PVC and rubber manufacturing processes. PVC itself is rated as one of the most valuable products in the chemical industry, and throughout the world over 50% of PVC manufactured is used for construction. As a building material PVC is cheap, durable, cost effective and easy to assemble. The uses of rubber range from household to industrial products, including the eraser on the end of your pencil, to the tyres on your car.

Limewash is a traditional method of painting walls with a colour base that allows the masonry to breathe, providing both protection and aesthetic appeal. Limewash is also widely used in agricultural buildings due to its germicidal qualities coupled with its extreme ease of application and low cost. To neutralise acid discharged with effluents.