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Our logistics department will advise you about the most appropriate and cost-effective way to transport lime to your production units, using the road, rail, river or maritime networks. Thanks to our production facilities and our own storage and distribution centers, we can guarantee you totally reliable and quick delivery.

We can also help you to store and handle our products more efficiently. For example, we can recommend low-cost and environmentally-friendly solutions for your lime storage, in order to keep your lime in optimum condition.


Our market specialists all have a background in your industry, a thorough undersanding of the processes you use and the issues you face. They are always available to help you make the right decision regarding the use of our products. Our ultimate aim is to find the most cost-effective way for you to use our products.

To help you optimize the use of lime, we also assist you with the storage, extraction, transport, dosing, slaking, mixing and injection of lime, as well as with the preparation of lime milk.


Even if laboratory tests prove conclusive, our experience has shown that an on-site trial is the ideal. In order to analyse the actual conditions in which your application will function, we can supply you with mobile industrial-capacity installations.

This flexible solution means we can develop new concepts or processes, meet fluctuating needs (higher than current capacity) or ensure product supply in case of breakdown. It also allows us to service or even modify the installation.


To help you to optimise your use of lime, Niki lime offers a complete range of services, from basic consultancy to the installation of customised "turnkey" systems.

Following trials, they can prepare a proposal which outlines our overall system concept and approach, including a flow diagram of the system and its capacities. The proposal also sets out the equipment and instrumentation we recommend. Our engineers work in close collaboration with the builders and supervise the quality of the work at every level.