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Lime is essential to lowering emission values when purifying flue gases. Quicklime and lime products are used to bind gases from combustion processes - such as sulphur dioxide, hydrogen chloride and hydrogen and make them suitable for recycling. Special lime mixtures can absorb mercury and dioxins / furans. Every year, millions of tonnes of lime products are used just for these applications, mainly for flue gas desulphurisation in power plants, waste incineration plants and industrial plants.

Drinking water is almost always purified with lime before it flows from our taps. The addition of lime binds corrosive carbonic acid and, depending on its original hardness, makes the water harder or softer in order to prevent the formation of boiler scale and corrosion in the piping. Lime is also responsible for adjusting the pH value. Last but not least, lime is used to remove naturally occurring heavy metals from our drinking water and correction of oxygen level in long time stored water.

Milk of lime is also used for the purification of industrial discharge that returns to the water circulation, such as process water for power plants, paper mill, chemical industry and steel plants.